Saudi Arabia Client Visited EVANGEL

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On Nov. 20th, 2014, the clients from Saudi Arabia came to Evangel office. Firstly, we had a brief business meeting and made a decision to visit the XCMG Factory.On Nov. 21th, 2014. The client and me visited the XCMG factory in Xuzhou city of Jiangsu Province. We saw the wheel loader, truck crane and truck mounted crane factory in one day. The clients was familiar with the wheel loader, so he tested the wheel loader ZL50G and had a good communication with the technical personnel. And then we came back to Evangel.

We had a long meeting time to discuss the products that the client like and other trade terms. Finally the clients bought 2 wheel loaders and some spare parts.It was worth mentioning that the clients choose the rock bucket for the wheel loader and insisted the model was ZL50G. He was very satisfied with our cooperation. What’s more, the clients bought 3 sets wheel loader from me again.